Blockchain and Sustainability – two major trends of this century and in the perception of most people nothing but a contradiction. Especially the energy intensive Bitcoin network as the most popular blockchain application forms the argumentative basis for many opponents of blockchain. But is it really a contradiction? Aren’t there possibilities within blockchain technology to actually boost sustainability? We want to give answers on BLOCKCHANCE Online LIVE. Live on YouTube, April 7, 2021 5pm (CET).

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To discuss the impact of blockchain on sustainability you need to step back a bit and define sustainability first. It is an emotional term, especially when it comes to climate change. But there is more beyond this mega trend. Sustainability needs to be viewed from different angles and perspectives. Of course climate change and the action against it is a major part of sustainability. But when it comes to labour, the healthcare sector or the structure of societies (just to name some examples) the term can be used in a broader spectrum. For us the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations form a reliable basis for the definition of what to reach when becoming “sustainable”. It is about (gender) equality, creating a prospering economy for everyone, allowing access to healthcare, sanitation, reducing global poverty and of course saving the wildlife and nature.


Yes, blockchain networks like bitcoin use a lot of energy. But it would be too easy to reduce the answer just to that. Blockchain technology offers a vast potential for the implementation of actions to actually support the SDG and ESG.

If you want to find out how, join our live show on SDG & ESG with:

Katharina Ghera, CEO of Immutable Insights. Katharina is a leading expert for investment and ESG in the blockchain space. With Immutable Insights she offers a scientific approach to the analysis of blockchain projects. She is a well known expert and also supported the German government. 

Pascal van Knijff, CEO of Future of Trust. With FoT Pascal accelerates businesses with blockchain technology. He is an expert for the potential of blockchain and its implementation to support SDG.


April 7, 2021
5pm – 6pm CET 

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