The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is located in the heart of the Hamburg metropolitan region, which stretches across four federal states and has more than five million inhabitants. Hamburg is a major European business, science, research and education hub with several universities and national and international institutions. It has been regarded as cosmopolitan and highly networked since the time of the Hanseatic League. Hamburg has an excellent economic stature and future potential. Influencing world leaders and innovating with global blockchain industry centers such as London, Dubai, Tokyo, Shanghai, New York, Zurich and Berlin.

First Mayor of Hamburg, Peter Tschentscher,
the honorary patron of Blockchance Conference 2019:

"The Blockchance Conference 2019 in the Chamber of Commerce brings the international blockchain industry to Hamburg. As a patron, I am pleased to open the event in order to present to the world our Hanseatic city as a digital and innovation location."

Blockchance Conference is about the Future of Economics and the Future of Society.
It is about harmonize and accompanying the socioeconomic change associated with the blockchain technology. It creates a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience and shows deep insights into the distributed ledger technology universe. The conference will open its doors for corporate partners, innovators, developers, investors, politicians, media and an interested public for two days with an inspiring mix of expert talks, panel discussions, breakout sessions, exhibition zone, cultural program and networking breaks.


Many more will be announced in the next weeks

Peter Tschentscher

Peter Tschentscher
Hamburg, Germany

First Mayor, head of the state government and honorary patron of Blockchance

Alexander Hoeptner
Frankfurt/Main, Germany

CEO and management board of Börse Stuttgart

Dr. Julie Maupin
Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Director of Social Impact & Public Regulatory Affairs at IOTA Foundation and Chair of the board of Directors at INATBA

Svetlana Boyanova
Sofia, Bulgaria

Chair at Institute for Agro-strategies and Innovation and former Minister of Agriculture of Bulgaria

Christian Schultze-Wolters
Berlin, Germany

Director of Blockchain Solutions DACH at IBM


Marjan Delatinne
London, Great Britain

Global Head of Banking at Ripple


Marc Buckley

UN SDG Advocate, World Economic Forum Expert and TEDx Speaker


Erol User

Founder and President at BlockchainArmy, member of Club of Rome and  president of User Corp. Investment Bank

Dr. Lukas Repa, LL.M
Brussels, Belgium

Senior Policy Officer at
European Commission

Prof. Dr. Dr. Stefan Brunnhuber
Colditz, Germany

Consulting at United Nations and
Member at Club of Rome and


Holly Hylton
New York City, USA

Co-founder at BitArt Productions, Singer,
Actor and Moderator

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner
Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Head of Frankfurt School
Blockchain Center

Angel Versetti
London, Great Britain

Global CEO at Ambrosus and Forbes ’30 under 30′ Europe, 2019

Wolfgang Pinegger
United Arab Emirates

CEO at GLBrain

Jan Heinrich Meyer
Lübeck, Germany

CEO & Founder at Dash Embassy

Peter Großkopf
Berlin, Germany

CTO and Co-Founder at solarisBank

Lennart Ante
Hamburg, Germany

Founder at Blockchain Research Lab Hamburg

Moritz Schildt
Hamburg, Germany

Founder at coinIX and at Hanseatic Blockchain Institute

Carsten Ovens MdHB
Hamburg, Germany

Representative of the Hamburg State Parliament

Dr. Nina-Luisa Siedler
Berlin, Germany

Director at INATBA and Blockchain specialized lawyer at DWF Germany

Oliver Nägele
Frankfurt, Germany

CEO at Blockchain Helix and Co-founder of German Blockchain Foundation


Moritz Stumpf
Hamburg, Germany

CEO at Blockchain Solutions and founding member at Hanseatic Blockchain Institute

Dominik Rieker
Stuttgart, Germany

Head of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at Börse Stuttgart

Arnab Naskar

Founder of SICOS and STOKR and founding member at INATBA


Sebastian Becker
Vienna, Austria

CCO at Riddle&Code

Dr. Jonathan T. Mall
Hamburg, Germany

CEO & Founder at
Neuro Flash



The Blockchance Conference will take place at the Prestigious Chamber of Commerce. The Expo area is in the halls of Germany’s first stock exchange in the city central.

As the venue of the “Blockchance Conference Hamburg 2018” we chose the “MLOVE FutureCity Campus” in HafenCity. The venue was exceptional, the charm of the sea container buildings and the proximity to the Elbe impressed the participants. That suited the pioneering spirit of our conference in the frst year.

“In Silicon Valley you start big things in a garage – in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, of course, the counterpart is the sea container.” (Fabian Friedrich)

As a venue for the “Blockchance Conference Hamburg 2019”, we chose Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, not least in order to meet the predicted number of participants. The proximity to the economy and the town hall underlines the relevance and strong social anchoring of the conference. The “up-lift” from the sea container to the rooms of the Chamber of Commerce describes the success story of the Blockchain technology, the Blockchance Conference and the Blockchain location Hamburg.

Special Performances by BitArt

Live Blockchain inspired shows by BitArt – “Unforced Education”. Enjoy unique Blockchain-centric theatrical performances during the conference.

Hamburgs Mayor as  Blockchance Conferernce patron

VIP and Speakers dinner and roof top breakfast

Intense regional, national and world wide press work

One-week supporting program including Blockchance Campus Grand Opening

1,500+ expo guests, 750+ attendees, 50+ int. speaker and 30+ exhibitors


Fabian Friedrich

Executive Director at Blockchance, Director at INATBA and board member at Hanseatic Blockchain Institute and

+49 176 616 95 771

Katherina Eisenzimmer

Business Development Manager and Head of Sales at Blockchance

+49 178 407 19 46

Diana Rósza

Event Manger and Head of
Production at Blockchance

+49 157 320 64 106

Sönke Mißfeld

Manager of Sales at


Til Schlenker

Head of Video Production and Spiritual Leader at Blockchance

Thomas Keup

Head of Public Relations

+49 171 418 00 84 

Kai Nack

Head of exhibition technique and stand construction

+49 174 943 77 06

Blockchance UG is founding member of INATBA; The Intarnational Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications
and Blockchance founder Mr. Friedrich is in the board of Directors

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